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Tezos and Magic Partner to Revolutionize Web3 User Experience


The integration of Tezos by Magic introduces a solution that enables users to create wallets effortlessly, without the need for seed phrases, downloads, or plug-ins.

Open-source blockchain platform Tezos has further established its partnership with Magic, a Web3 wallet solution provider. According to a recent announcement, the collaboration is aimed at enhancing the onboarding user experience in the Web3 space. It will further help in making the Web3 application easy to use.

Simplifying Web3 Wallet Creation

The integration by Magic will tackle Web3 challenges such as authentication and onboarding; it will also provide a solution that will enable users to create a wallet smoothly without the need for seed phrases, downloads, or plug-ins. This solution will therefore simplify the process and also create more opportunities for developers to build innovative, user-friendly solutions, which will propel decentralized technologies to become generally accepted.

This integration will give Tezos developers access to become more creative using Magic’s tools to develop secure, decentralized applications. Now, Tezos can boast of being one of the few blockchain networks featured on the Magic platform.

Empowering Web3: Broadening Access through Collaboration

According to the press release by Tezos, Sean Li, co-founder and CEO of Magic, revealed that the two firms share similarities, as Tezos is a company that is security-based and is onboarding the masses through high-profile brands such as Ubisoft. He further mentioned that Magic has always wanted to simplify the complexities surrounding wallets for multi-chain transactions. While speaking about his excitement about the partnership between the two firms, he said:

“Today, we are excited to deepen our integration with Tezos and bring our ecosystems together, offering the best possible user experience to onboard the next billion users to Web3.”

Echoing his statement were the words of Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman, who declared that the partnership will make decentralized applications available to more users. He stated:

 “By combining Tezos’ secure and scalable infrastructure with Magic’s intuitive authentication and wallet solutions, they are helping developers build decentralized applications that are accessible to a much wider audience.”

Based on similar news released by Tezos, they revealed that there will be a next stage for this integration, which will involve implementing well-known Web2 login flows to make the onboarding process for applications built on Tezos easier.

A Formidable Partnership

Based on the two blockchain firms’ collaboration and similar functionality, plus their importance to the Web3 space, Tezos has been included in the Magic blockchain platform, which includes other notable figures in the industry such as Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow.

More so, the integration has been able to amass important figures and data, as Magic has been able to secure over 1500 downloads of their Tezos extensions. Not that alone; within this year, thousands of wallets have been created by Magic on the Tezos blockchain.

Hence, this integration is a solution to ending the use of traditional passwords and reducing the complexities of wallet entry, thus providing easy access and a user-friendly onboarding experience.


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