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Unveiling the Future of Gaming and NFTs: Animoca Brands Japan and SQUARE ENIX Join Forces | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


Strategic Partnership Shapes the Landscape of Interactive Entertainment

In a groundbreaking move, Animoca Brands Japan, a pivotal arm of the global Web3 giant Animoca Brands, has signed a memorandum of understanding with SQUARE ENIX, the powerhouse behind iconic game series such as “Final Fantasy” and “Kingdom Hearts.” This partnership aims to propel the marketing and global reach of SQUARE ENIX’s innovative NFT-based game, SYMBIOGENESIS, which features a collection of 10,000 NFT characters with intrinsic game utility.

SYMBIOGENESIS: A New Realm of Fantasy and Interaction

SYMBIOGENESIS, crafted by SQUARE ENIX, introduces players to a high fantasy world brimming with intrigue and devastated landscapes, inhabited by 10,000 unique NFT characters. These characters are not only pivotal to the game’s storyline but also serve as avatars (PFPs) enabling players to delve into a vibrant, interactive community. The game offers an intricate level of gameplay, allowing players to navigate through immersive storylines and missions, unlocking the mysteries of the SYMBIOGENESIS universe.

Animoca Brands Japan’s Role in Global Expansion

Leveraging its extensive expertise in the global market, Animoca Brands Japan will enhance the worldwide presence of SYMBIOGENESIS. This includes bolstering NFT sales and orchestrating strategic marketing initiatives. Furthermore, Animoca is set to enhance its synergy by connecting SYMBIOGENESIS with over 400 Web3 companies in its extensive portfolio, potentially opening new avenues for cross-collaboration.

Executive Insights

Naoyuki Tamate, SYMBIOGENESIS Producer at SQUARE ENIX, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, anticipating a significant expansion of the Web3 experience to a broader audience. Meanwhile, Kensuke Amo, COO of Animoca Brands Japan, highlighted the strategic alignment with SQUARE ENIX, underscoring the mutual commitment to promoting Japanese innovation on a global stage.

About Animoca Brands Japan

Established in 2021, Animoca Brands Japan serves as a bridge connecting Japanese content with the global market through Web3 technologies. The company supports a wide range of Japanese IP holders, from publishers to sports teams, in integrating blockchain technology to enhance global engagement and fan interaction.


The collaboration between Animoca Brands Japan and SQUARE ENIX represents a significant milestone in the fusion of blockchain technology with mainstream gaming and entertainment. As these sectors continue to evolve, partnerships like this could very well dictate the future trajectories of how games are played and enjoyed worldwide.


Animoca Brands Japan partners with SQUARE ENIX to market and globally expand SYMBIOGENESIS, an NFT-based game. This partnership will leverage Animoca’s vast Web3 network to enhance game engagement and unlock new cross-industry collaborations.



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