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Unveiling the Celestial Mastery: Trevor Jones’ CryptoAngels Project | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


The Dawn of Digital Artistry and Blockchain Brilliance

Renowned digital artist Trevor Jones, a visionary in the fusion of traditional art with blockchain technology, is set to transcend boundaries with his latest project, CryptoAngels. This ambitious initiative is not merely an art drop; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing physical and digital realms, games, and a vibrant community engagement, promising to be a cornerstone event in the NFT landscape of 2024.

The Journey of a Global Artist

Trevor Jones, originally hailing from Canada, embarked on a global journey in 1996 that ultimately led him to Scotland, where his formal art education began at Leith School of Art, followed by the Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2008 with an MA (Hons) in Fine Art. His early career was marked by his role as Collection Manager and Executive Director for the charity Art in Healthcare and as a tutor at Leith School of Art.

Embracing Technology in Art

During his tenure in the art world, Trevor’s fascination with the potential of technology to transform traditional art practices took root. By 2012, he was pioneering the integration of art and technology through his innovative use of QR codes on canvas, which bridged the physical and digital worlds by linking to an online art gallery. This interest evolved into the exploration of augmented reality in 2013, enhancing the viewer’s experience of his art by adding a dynamic, interactive layer.

The Crypto Art Pioneer

Trevor’s engagement with cryptocurrency began in 2017, fueling his art with themes of digital finance and the emerging tech culture. His work during this period featured notable figures in the crypto world, such as John McAfee and Vitalik Buterin, highlighting the growing intersection of technology and financial systems in art. By 2019, Trevor had fully immersed himself in the burgeoning field of NFTs, launching groundbreaking works that combined music, animation, and blockchain technology.


His NFT, “The Bitcoin Angel” in 2021, was a spectacular success, selling over 4,158 editions in just seven minutes and setting a new standard for digital art sales. His innovative approach continued with “The Angel’s Share”, a unique NFT that included a physical cask of rare whisky, fetching $2.3 million at auction.

Collaborative Ventures and Community Engagement

Trevor’s collaborative projects have been particularly notable, including works with Pak, José Delbo, and a poignant piece with Alotta Money. His collaborative spirit extends beyond the digital canvas, with his Castle Party events that combine art, community, and charity. These gatherings, held at historic locations like Stirling Castle, not only foster community within the Web3 space but also support cancer charity Maggie’s, raising significant funds for the cause.

Multi-Chain Marvels and The Artistic Vanguard

Jones’ Latest project kicks off with a multi-chain orchestration involving both Ordinals and NFTs, incorporating physical art pieces with their digital counterparts. A captivating collection of 21 Archangel packages will be offered through a ranked auction, each tethered to a unique piece of the wider narrative. These aren’t just art pieces; they are passports to an expansive universe, bridging the gap between tangible and virtual experiences.

The digital realm is further expanded with the introduction of 7,777 CryptoAngels, each a unique character in their own right, spread across 21 factions and inspired by celestial themes and mythical lore. The intricate design elements like armor, weapons, and symbolic colors add layers of depth and personal connection to each figure, making them not only collectibles but also characters in a grand saga.

Dante’s Pixel Inferno: A Game of Mythic Proportions

Adding an interactive dimension to the project, Dante’s Pixel Inferno is a video game that draws heavily from the rich tapestry of Dante Alighieri’s infernal descriptions. This game features nine circles of hell and provides players with bespoke music, villain NPCs, and the opportunity to engage as one of the 21 angel character players. With a community-driven approach, the game is currently in beta testing, ensuring that it is not only entertaining but also fair and rewarding, with high scores leading up to the official drop being recognized with prizes.

Community and Continuity

Jones emphasizes community involvement and transparency, directing interested parties to his Discord for real-time updates and engagement. The scheduled drop on July 7th promises not just the release of new artworks but a celebration of community, creativity, and technological innovation.

Prophecy and Party

Each of the 21 auction winners will receive an exclusive invitation to the Castle Party 2025, a gathering that promises to be as enchanting and grandiose as the artworks themselves. This event, set in a yet undisclosed but undoubtedly spectacular location, will offer attendees a unique experience, further solidifying the bond between the artist and his community.


Trevor Jones is revolutionizing the art and NFT world with his latest project, CryptoAngels, blending physical and digital artworks, a multi-chain approach, and an immersive video game. This summer, experience the synergy of art and technology as CryptoAngels aims to fulfill a prophesied battle against


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