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Presenting Celosphere, an NFT Marketplace Built for Art, Community, and Impact


Explore the new RaribleX-powered marketplace on Celo and apply for the Celo Creators Fund

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Celosphere is the new NFT marketplace on Celo. It is powered by RaribleX.

• Celo is a mobile-first emerging Ethereum Layer-2 engineered for speedy, cost-efficient transactions.

• Celo also supports Rarible API, allowing for user-friendly NFT dApp building.

Celo Creators Fund is incentivizing creators to build impactful NFT collections with 150,000 USDC. Applications are open from April 4 until April 24.

We at Rarible are building toward a future where everyone interacts with NFTs every day, even if they don’t realize it. Sharing a similar vision, Celo, a mobile-first, carbon-negative emerging Layer 2, aims to create a web3 ecosystem with strong real-world utility.

That’s why we’ve built Celosphere, the RaribleX-powered NFT marketplace for the Celo community, with a strong focus on projects that aim to make Earth more sustainable.

Meet Celo

Celo is an emerging Ethereum Layer-2 and mobile-first blockchain network built for the real world.

Much like Rarible, the Celo ecosystem strives to make NFTs, crypto and dApps more user-friendly and accessible for anyone.

Since its mainnet launch on Earth Day 2020, over a thousand projects have been built on Celo, using blockchain tech to solve real-world problems for everyday users.

Last month, Rarible API, our real-time infrastructure for NFT builders, integrated with Celo. This means a whole new level of possibilities for creators on Celo, making building NFT dApps there much easier through a toolkit of solutions.

As more projects launch on Celo, the need for a native NFT marketplace grows. That’s why we’re teaming up with the Celo Foundation to expand the chain’s ecosystem with something new: Celosphere.

Welcome to the Celosphere

The freshest NFT marketplace, Celosphere is a RaribleX-powered user-friendly platform where you can mint and trade Celo NFTs.

All you need to get started is a compatible wallet like MetaMask or Valora (accessible via WalletConnect). Connect it to Celo, get some CELO, and you’re all set. More payment options like USDC and USDT are coming soon.

Right now, you can already check out some of the most popular Celo projects on Celosphere.


An NFT collection leveraging art to fund climate nonprofits and indigenous organizations, STEWARD’s eight global artists each designed an NFT representing one of the Earth’s eight biomes. After all, “there is no digital world without a thriving natural world.”

Plastiks – Unleash Your Passion with FC Barcelona

Plastiks teamed up with FC Barcelona for the Unleash Your Passion collection to turn plastic recovery certificates into something you can own as an NFT. When you mint, you join a team that has recovered over 2.2 million kilograms of plastic waste. It’s a gamified way to help clean up the planet where you collect cards while contributing to environmental protections.


Celosapiens is an open-edition collection that evolves to reflect Celo’s carbon offsetting process.

Every month, you can update your Celosapien NFT, marking one of 12 steps towards helping the environment—like restoring biodiversity and cutting down on carbon, among other things.

Celosphere embraces Celo’s vision to empower creators leveraging NFTs for positive impact.

Apply for the Celo Creators Fund

Artists, creators, and communities ready to make a positive impact through NFTs, this is for you.

Through the Celo Creators Fund, selected projects will receive a portion of the 150,000 USDC in grants and expert support to help you launch meaningful NFT collections on Celosphere.

Inaugural community partners for the Celo Creators Fund include Refraction, Boys Club, HUG & Rug Radio, each of whom will fast-track five 1,000 USDC grants to their creators.

Starting April 4 at 12pm ET, you have three weeks to apply with projects across three categories: art, community, and impact.

Applications close on April 24 at 11:59pm ET, with the selected grant winners announced on May 10.


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