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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – MetaPhone, RWAX, Multipool


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Jurisdictions increasingly embrace cryptocurrencies, evidenced by the green light on Ether ETFs. Moreover, this has triggered an increased market frenzy, with investors seeking fresh digital assets to diversify their portfolios.

However, pinpointing these cryptocurrencies demands significant time and effort. This article aims to streamline the process by presenting a curated selection of new cryptocurrencies, recent releases, listings, and presales. This analysis covers their tokenomics, use cases, collaborations, and other factors contributing to their appeal as investment opportunities in the market.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

MetaPhone introduces the DePIN concept on the TON blockchain, pioneering a Web3 marketing network. RWAX platform addresses the requirements of crypto investors by offering improved risk management and opportunities for passive income in the volatile crypto markets. 

With funding exceeding $1.7 million, 99Bitcoins is preparing for exchange listings soon. A former FTX executive receives a sentence, while bitcoin miner Riot pursues a takeover of Bitfarms.

1. MetaPhone (PHONE)

MetaPhone pioneers the DePIN concept on the TON blockchain, aiming to establish a Web3 marketing network. At its core is a Web3-native smartphone, enriching the TON ecosystem experience. With robust hardware and integrated dApp Store and TON Wallet, MetaPhone seamlessly connects users to popular TON applications, thus fostering a decentralized marketing network. Here, users serve as nodes, earning rewards and facilitating fiat-crypto transactions.

Within the DePIN sphere, each MetaPhone device contributes to a global, decentralized marketing network. This approach addresses complexity, collaboration, inefficiencies, and high costs in traditional infrastructure networks. MetaPhone stands out for its decentralization and autonomy compared to centralized systems.

MetaPhone’s feature suite aims to cultivate a diverse TON ecosystem, granting users access to various TON applications and rewards. The MetaPhone App Store offers the latest Web3 insights, including airdrops, transactions, perks, and dApps. Also, the Ultimate Vault secures digital assets with advanced hardware and AES encryption, ensuring privacy and local management of identity and transactions. 

The MetaPhone Stack’s toolkit and Android build environment to simplify the launch of mobile dApps, encouraging innovation. Collaborating with a top 3C manufacturer, MetaPhone delivers premium hardware, a streamlined Android interface, and advanced Web3 features in one smartphone.

MetaPhone also seeks to reshape the Web3 landscape through its DePIN initiative on the TON blockchain. It aims for inclusivity and decentralization. Moreover, partnerships with XSTAR, DeepLinkGlobal, Poly_TON, Yescoin, and TonAlchemists bolster its market presence. Likewise, recent listings on Coingecko and BitgetSpot mark MetaPhone’s growth in the cryptocurrency market.


The RWAX platform presents a solution catering to the needs of crypto investors seeking better risk management and avenues for passive income within the volatile crypto markets. Through its perpetual decentralized exchange (DEX), RWAX introduces a diverse array of real-world asset indexes into decentralized finance (DeFi) for the first time. Hence, this offers traders opportunities to hedge against market volatility and generate passive income.

By trading perpetual contracts linked to assets uncorrelated with traditional crypto markets, traders can diversify their portfolios into real estate, commodities, AI, cannabis, and other emerging industries via community-selected indexes. RWAX enables users to employ up to 50x leverage, facilitating risk management and optimizing potential gains with minimal price impact trades facilitated by Chainlink.

RWAX Price Chart

The platform’s trading incentives are divided into the Loyalty Program and the Leaderboard. The Loyalty Program rewards active traders based on their fees, earning them loyalty points redeemable for RWAX tokens. Each day, a pool of 10,000 RWAX tokens is distributed among traders based on their accrued loyalty points. Traders can earn loyalty points by executing swaps, opening or increasing leveraged positions, closing or decreasing such positions, or incurring borrowing fees.

In addition to its trading features, RWAX has forged strategic partnerships to enhance its market reach and offerings. Partnerships with EPICBOTS and Plume Network are poised to bring RWAX to a broader audience and bolster its position as a leading decentralized exchange for real-world asset indexes within the crypto space.

Moreover, RWAX’s recent listing on Coingecko further underscores its growing presence and recognition within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the platform continues to evolve, it aims to redefine DeFi trading by amalgamating capital protection and yield generation, thus paving the way for a promising future in decentralized finance.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins, a project aiming to create a comprehensive ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency education, has captured considerable interest among cryptocurrency investors. The project’s whitepaper outlines its primary offering: the 99BTC token, which grants access to premium courses, expert trading signals, community channels, and additional features.

With over $1.7 million raised in funding, the project is gearing up for exchange listings in the coming weeks. The team plans to distribute $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to early community members through an airdrop initiative as part of its development strategy. 

Meanwhile, this initiative aligns with their “Learn-to-Earn” concept, motivating users to enhance their blockchain knowledge through interactive courses and quizzes. Participants earn 99BTC directly to their wallets. Moreover, long-term holders stand to benefit from attractive annual percentage yields (APYs) currently set at 983%.

The project’s tokenomics structure, as detailed in its whitepaper, is earning praise for its deliberate distribution. With a total supply of 99 billion tokens, allocations include portions for presale buyers, staking rewards, community incentives, and project growth funds.

Furthermore, the airdrop campaign aims to reward 99 winners from over 6,900 entries, with the announcement scheduled for July 19th. Overall, 99Bitcoins emphasizes education, strategic tokenomics, and enticing rewards, presenting an intriguing opportunity for crypto investors seeking learning experiences and potential returns.

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4. Multipool (MUL)

Multipool is a decentralized protocol poised to revolutionize DeFi trading. Multipool tackles existing challenges in DeFi trading by providing an independent on-chain order book, enabling direct execution of limit orders on the blockchain. This feature optimizes price execution and reduces slippage by blending on-book and liquidity pool execution.

Likewise, Multipool introduces regular auctions every 8 hours to ensure transparent and fair order execution based on time-weighted averages. This fosters equal opportunities for traders of all volumes, enhancing market accessibility.

Multipool Price Chart

Moreover, Multipool offers repo lending, allowing token holders to lend assets against collateral with personalized interest rates and loan periods. This injects liquidity into the market and accommodates traders seeking short positions within the DeFi space.

In partnership with Mobilum, Multipool enables seamless onboarding onto cryptocurrencies without centralized exchange involvement. Additionally, the collaboration with BSO facilitates ultra-fast, low-latency trading on Multipool, enhancing its competitive edge.

Multipool’s recent listing on Coingecko underscores its growing recognition within the DeFi ecosystem, signaling broader adoption and market integration potential. In summary, Multipool’s innovative solutions and strategic partnerships position it as a promising contender in DeFi trading. Its focus on efficiency, transparency, and user empowerment heralds further advancements in the DeFi sphere.

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