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IntentX Integrates Orbs’ Liquidity Hub into Its Platform


IntentX uses various next-generation technologies to provide omnichain deployment, cheaper fees, increased liquidity, improved capital efficiency, and scalability compared to current alternatives.

Software company IntentX recently took a bold step forward as it integrated the Liquidity Hub developed by Orbs Network, a Layer 3 protocol into its platform following a recent partnership.

IntentX Partners with Orbs

According to a press release shared with Coinspeaker, Orbs Liquidity Hub will be used as the primary spot engine for IntentX, giving customers access to spot orders and the perpetual contracts marketplace.

The Orbs Liquidity Hub is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) infrastructure platform that runs over Automated Market Makers (AMMs). The platform sources liquidity both on and off-chain to address the issue of fragmented liquidity across Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Liquidity Hub allows users to get the best prices without going through AMMs and experiencing AMMs’ price impact.

The Liquidity Hub operates on the principles of total decentralization, composability, and open access without permissions and composability. With the integration of IntentX, platform users will be able to take advantage of the network’s full liquidity potential without paying any additional charges.

IntentX is the latest partner of Orbs Liquidity Hub, joining Quickswap on Polygon, Quickswap on Polygon zkEVM, and THENA on the BNB chain, and the first platform on the Coinbase Layer 2 chain, Base, to join the Liquidity Hub. Crucially, this marks the first integration of its kind, becoming the first platform on Orbs Liquidity Hub without a DEX AMM.

IntentX uses various next-generation technologies to provide omnichain deployment, cheaper fees, increased liquidity, improved capital efficiency, and scalability compared to current alternatives. IntentX debuted its open-beta trading platform in November 2023, with over 250 trade pairs available at launch, each with substantial liquidity.

Furthermore, Orbs has stated that Orbs V4, an upgrade to its network technology, is currently being developed. According to the Network, the upgrade is required to accommodate the increasing demand for its products and L3 technology in general. The company said in its statement that the V4 was developed, notably in terms of efficiency and robustness, to adapt to a nearly inevitable increase in product consumption this year.

Increasing Interest in Liquidity Hubs

Liquidity Hubs are becoming increasingly prominent due to the ample liquidity they provide to users. More traders and investors are drawn to markets with higher liquidity, which boosts trading volume. This liquidity may make it easier for customers to enter and exit positions without affecting market prices.

Last year, Ripple Labs Inc announced that its Liquidity Hub has extended into Australia and Brazil, allowing local firms to manage their crypto liquidity. At the time, Ripple’s Head of Liquidity Products Brad Chase stated:

“Liquidity Hub was developed to solve a core internal problem in Ripple’s payments solution. As we continued to see more growth and scale of our solution, managing liquidity efficiently across geographies became more complex.”

The interest in robust liquidity hubs remains a key catalyst driving the innovation surrounding the IntentX embrace of the trend.


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