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Eleonora Brizi Joins MakersPlace as Curator


We’re excited to welcome Eleonora Brizi to the MakersPlace Curation Team, which we recently introduced.

Her first Exhibition with MakersPlace will take place at The Digital Art Mile in Basel Switzerland from June 10 to June 16, hosted by ArtMeta. Brizi is presenting a unique partnership with two-time Lumen Prize award-winning artist duo, Operator. They will be exhibiting an artwork from their seminal, generative choreography collection Human Unreadable, which sold out in 30 minutes on Art Blocks in 2023.

Brizi graduated and specialized in contemporary Chinese art and later started her new path dedicated to art and technology in New York, combining her art world knowledge with her understanding that art must speak the language of the time, which today is digital and technological.

Before landing in the world of art and technology, Eleonora spent six years in Beijing, China, where she worked for four years as an assistant to artist Ai Weiwei and two years as a representative in China under the curator Jerome Sans. In 2018, she studied blockchain technology and its application to art in New York. Here, following her art curator career in China, she became very active in the flourishing crypto-creative community, curating, promoting, and participating in many Crypto Art pioneer projects.  

Also in 2018, she founded Breezy Art, a digital art curation brand with a focus on the use of new technologies in the art world. Breezy Art is a laboratory for creative experimentation with blockchain technology, creative code, metaverse, and artificial intelligence, where curation is the process through which art finds its voice and its value. 

As one of the first curating presences in web3, Eleonora spearheaded many of the earliest crypto projects. Today, she continues to successfully curate and lead countless other web3 initiatives while maintaining close working relationships with various high-profile digital artists.

She is the co-author of The Rarest Book, a collection of the 1174 cards from the Rare Pepe project, launched in 2018 and tokenized on Counterparty. She later curated the book Cryptoart Begins, an idea of The NFT Magazine and published by Rizzoli Italia and Rizzoli New York.

She directed and curated Renaissance in Rome, a very early show in Italy about digital and crypto art at the San Salvatore in Lauro Museums. In 2021 she curated the project “Hack of a Bear,” by artist duo Hackatao for Christie’s in collaboration with MOCA. In response to Head of a Bear by Leonardo da Vinci, offered in the Exceptional Sale at Christie’s London in July 2021, Hackatao created a work inspired by the Old Master drawing in Augmented Reality. Also for Hackatao, she curated “Hack the Borders,” a series of works in collaboration with the band Blondie.

For her first curation on MakersPlace back in 2021, Brizi curated “REMIX ME,” a project by Hackatao and the law firm Piselli & partners.  The project consisted of four open calls, from 2021 to 2022, and invited the crypto art creative community to explore the meaning and implications of remixing a work of art, while investigating it in its manifestation in the world of NFTs and their relationship to copyrights.

In 2023, she curated a retrospective about DADA and crypto art history at the MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan, and she is today permanently collaborating with the center.

Eleonora has lately been focusing her research on the theme of “blockchain as a medium.”

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