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Bonsai3 Takes on Web3 and AI Development With Upgrade


This historic move was spearheaded by Bonsai3’s team and over 35+ partners.

Bonsai3, a Web3 no-code solution has positioned itself as “The Hub for Web3 and AI” with the announcement of its platform rebrand and upgrade.

Bonsai3’s Involvement with Web3 and AI

The upgrade, as announced by the platform went live on March 28 and positions Bonsai3 as the first blockchain startup focused on Web3 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world. Accordingly, Bonsai3 welcomes the entire Web3 and AI communities to explore its improved platform and participate in the revolution that will simplify access to Web3 and AI technology.

This historic move was spearheaded by Bonsai3’s team and over 35+ partners. Bonsai3, through its upgraded platform, promises to provide an unparalleled set of tools and services for users, investors, and developers in the Web3 and AI space.

To perform the platform rebrand, Bonsai3 highlighted that it began with the launch of an AI Hub. This represents a deviation from its earlier offerings that have been reviewed and ranked by reputable professionals in the industry.

Bonsai3’s creative methodology and strategic alliances position it to lead the way in transforming the future of Web3 and AI integration. Moreover, the Bonsai3 team hinted that it is building a plug-and-play store with a primary focus on a seamless user experience, prioritizing B2C products in a variety of categories such as AI, Trading Tools (Snipers/MEV/Buybots), DeFi (Dexs/Bridges/Lending/Wallets), and Non-Fungible Token (Aggregators, Generators).

As the upgraded platform becomes available, Bonsai3 underlines its commitment to pushing innovation, enabling collaboration, and ushering in a new era of decentralized technologies. AI and Web3 are set to transform the digital space.

The deployment of Web3 has the potential to democratize access and use of AI technologies. With a decentralized platform, anyone can establish business strategies that allow them to create solutions on the World Wide Web. Furthermore, AI and Web3 will undoubtedly open the door to a more user-friendly Internet of Things (IoT).

Bonsai3’s Transformative Journey

Bonsai3 is at the front line of the Web3 revolution, offering a no-code platform that simplifies and speeds up the implementation of blockchain and AI technologies. The platform is suitable for projects with different sizes and provides a no-code toolkit for creators to meme anything.

Markedly, Bonsai3’s native cryptocurrency, SEED, is essential for the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability. Holders of the token not only benefit from the platform’s profits but also contribute to its long-term growth plan through buybacks and token burns.

The no-code solution platform has partnered with firms such as DEXTools, Orion, ChatGPT, TrendX, and AANN.ai, as well as participation in development programs conducted by NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT).

Looking ahead, Bonsai3 stated that it intends to interact with leading blockchain systems including Base, Arbitrum, Coinweb, Mantle, and Blast. This is in preparation for the upcoming release of over 150 dApps and AI technologies, which will provide unique resources to the global Web3 community.


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