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Best Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Tools


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become an integral highlight in the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and web3. They have gained popularity for different use cases, such as representing in-game collectibles or virtual artwork. Interestingly, the ecosystem of NFT tools is also expanding with the arrival of tools for generating and evaluating NFTs. 

You can find two broad categories in an NFT tools list that can help you make the most of the unique virtual assets. The rising number of NFT collections and their growing popularity can encourage anyone to dive into the world of NFTs. However, it is important to know about the right options before you place your money on them. Let us take a look at some of the most notable NFT tools that you should watch out for in 2024.

Exploring the Fundamentals of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are unique assets that are stored in the form of smart contracts on any blockchain network. The code in the smart contract verifies the ownership of digital or physical assets, alongside establishing a clear line of provenance. Before you look for the best NFT tools, it is important to know why NFTs are one of the most valuable resources. The most prominent trait of NFTs is that they can prove ownership and do not require intermediaries. On top of it, rarity of NFTs is also a notable aspect that ensures a unique valuation for each NFT.

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What are NFT Tools?

The biggest concern on your minds right now must be about the selection of NFT tools. What are the best tools NFT users can rely on? What is the purpose of NFT tools? There are many layers to the definition of NFT tools, as you wouldn’t find a specific category of tools. On the contrary, you can find different types of NFT tools with unique uses. One of the most popular categories of NFT tools includes NFT analytics tools. They are useful for comprehensive research on NFT listings and help in uncovering insights that can lead you to the right NFTs.

Another group of NFT tools includes the NFT creation tools that help you generate new non-fungible tokens. You can use the tools to come up with exclusively new virtual assets that can catch the attention of buyers and collectors. With the help of creation tools, you can generate NFTs by channeling your creativity and talent in the right ways. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities of NFTs or write code for the smart contracts to create NFTs. The right tools can help you create non-fungible tokens like a professional.

Similarly, analytics tools can help you identify the best NFTs with comprehensive insights. You can use the top NFT tools for analytics to learn about the current price of the NFT, its rarity, and the platforms where you can find it. While Discord, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube are the top platforms to conduct research on NFTs, analytics platforms are one step ahead. The personalized insights on NFT collections help identify the best course of action in the domain of non-fungible tokens.

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What are the Top Tools for NFT Creation?

The most important advantage of NFT creation tools is the opportunity for businesses to enter a growing market. On top of it, the tools help in simplifying the complex process required to mint and manage NFTs, thereby saving money and time. The creation tools also offer the benefit of complete creative control over your NFTs. Here are some of the top tools that you can use to create new NFTs.

One of the first additions among NFT generators is the Fotor NFT Creator. It is useful for image editing and NFT generation. The tool offers photo editing, graphic design, and collage creation features with flexibility for tokenization of their work. The app also offers social media integration, thereby helping artists with effective promotion of their artwork.

The next entry in an NFT tools list that you should use to generate new NFTs is SketchAR. It is an AI-based app that helps you create artwork and mint them in the form of NFTs. The tool is an ideal option for beginners as well as seasoned artists. You can find a drawing feature with SketchAR alongside augmented reality tools to help you improve the final output.

Another popular addition among tools NFT creators can use without any confusion is Mintable. It is a web-based minting tool that helps all creators in developing their art. One of the most critical strengths of the tool is the simplicity of using it and navigating through different features. NFT creators can use their e-wallets to manage and transfer their artworks.

Async is also one of the trusted tools for creating non-fungible tokens that can offer a wide range of features. The platform serves a community that allows members to dictate the course of the NFT creation process. Members of the community can develop NFTs with tokenized layers that can change appearance. 

The list of NFT creation tools also includes NFTify, a Platform as a Service or PaaS solution for NFT generation. It is a no-code NFT marketplace builder, along with other concierge services. While it does not help you create NFTs, it helps in generating an NFT marketplace or storefront for listing and selling NFTs.

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What are the Best NFT Analytics Tools?

NFT analytics tools make a huge difference in the way they encourage participation in the NFT market. You can find many new NFT projects arriving in the market regularly. However, it is difficult for anyone to stay updated with latest news in the industry without automated analysis tools. Here is an overview of the most popular NFT analytics tools that you must consider before diving into NFTs.

NFT OnChained is a reliable tool that helps in tracking underpriced listings for non-fungible tokens. The platform is one of the best choices for finding answers to the question “Which is the most popular NFT?” which you can grab at low prices. NFT OnChained utilizes machine learning to find out the existing fair value of non-fungible tokens. The price estimates derived by NFT OnChained for each NFT focus on rarity, market data, traits, and other critical factors. One of the primary features of the platform is ‘Screener,’ which showcases the list of most underpriced NFTs in all the collections it tracks.

Icy Tools is also one of the popular NFT tools that can help you decide which NFT you should buy or sell. Upon opening the platform, you will notice the ‘Trending Collections’ section, where you will find trending NFTs from the previous day. Upon connecting your wallet, Icy Tools can also help you filter the ranking of trending NFT collections for last 15 to 30 minutes. The user-friendly interface of Icy Tools also highlights information such as floor price, volume, average price, and sales.

Upcoming NFT is one of the best NFT tools that can help you know about all the upcoming NFT drops. The platform helps you learn about upcoming NFT projects, auctions, events, giveaways, and drops. On top of that, you can also view the NFT project listings according to their popularity and the time required to add the project. Interestingly, Upcoming NFT can serve the benefits of promoting your NFT projects and bagging better deals.

Another interesting addition among NFT analytics tools for you would be Rarity Tools. When you want to buy an NFT, you must think about its rarity to get the best value. Rarity Tools helps you track and evaluate the NFT ecosystem. Most important of all, it can also help in sorting all the NFTs according to their average price, volume in ETH, and collections they belong to. The unique detail of Rarity Tools is the assignment of a rarity score to any non-fungible token that can help investors make the right decision.

You can also find a ‘not-so-popular’ option to find answers to the question “Which is the most popular NFT?” in Moby. It has been away from the limelight despite having effective NFT tracking features. The best thing about the tool is that it provides faster access to NFT statistics and live feeds in real-time.

Moby can serve as a valuable asset for all NFT traders, alongside supporting them with effective monitoring of their assets. Users can also subscribe to Moby Pro version and access all data charts alongside better data analysis functionalities. For example, you can access more relevant data such as real-time feeds, NFT signals, historical collection data, and many other data points.

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Final Words

The review of top NFT tools in two categories showcases how the NFT landscape is evolving with diverse additions. Anyone who wants to enter the world of NFTs can either choose to create NFTs or invest in them. You can use NFT tools to create digital assets without any knowledge of coding.

On the other hand, you can also choose the most effective NFTs without previous experience in investment. The right NFT analytics tools can help you monitor existing collections and stay updated with upcoming arrivals. As a result, you can become an active participant in the NFT ecosystem with the right NFT tools by your side. 

*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!


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