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Azuki’s Anime Ambitions: ‘The Waiting Man’ Lights Up Screens with New Aesthetics and Decentralized Dreams | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


A Leap into Anime with a Decentralized Twist

In a striking collaboration with Dentsu Inc., the powerhouse behind much of Japan’s anime entertainment, Azuki premiered the first episode of its three-part anime anthology series titled ‘Enter the Garden.’ The series kicks off with ‘The Waiting Man,’ directed by the accomplished Goro Taniguchi, known for his groundbreaking work on ‘Code Geass’ and ‘One Piece Film Red’. Azuki’s venture into anime underlines its commitment to blending traditional media with blockchain innovation, aiming to shake up industry norms through decentralization and artistic freshness.

The Story and the Vision

‘The Waiting Man,’ the introductory part of the series, stars Haru, a defiant skater who crosses paths with the enigmatic T.K. next to a vending machine. This episode, available exclusively on platforms like Azuki.com and YouTube, delves into themes of rebellion and discovery, enhanced by a roster of voice talents that include notable actors like Tomokazu Sugita, Akari Kito, and Jun Fukuyama.

The creative force behind the series, Junichi Yamamoto, directs with a vision that seamlessly melds compelling narrative with stunning visuals. The script, penned by Taku Kishimoto, is crafted to pull viewers deep into its world, promising a series that is both engaging and visually dynamic.

Behind the Scenes: A Fusion of Talent and Tradition

Kinu Nishimura, alongside artist Steamboy, brings to life the vibrant, intricately designed characters that populate Azuki’s anime landscape. Nishimura’s character designs, known for their vivid detail, breathe life into the series’ protagonists like Haru and Spaceboy, aligning with the street fashion aesthetic of ‘Enter the Garden.’ Steamboy, drawing inspiration from classic anime, ensures the authenticity and emotional resonance of the series, continuing a collaborative synergy that has spanned over two decades.

What’s Next for Azuki?

As ‘The Waiting Man’ sets the stage, the anime community eagerly anticipates the next two episodes of ‘Enter the Garden,’ slated for release in 2024. Azuki’s entry into anime not only diversifies its portfolio but also sets a new precedent for how anime can be produced and enjoyed in the digital age, leveraging blockchain to ensure broader and more engaged audience participation.


Azuki, in partnership with Dentsu Inc. and led by famed director Goro Taniguchi, has launched ‘The Waiting Man’, the first episode of their anime series ‘Enter the Garden’. This episode introduces innovative, decentralized elements into the anime industry, supported by a stellar creative team and voice cast. Available on Azuki.com and YouTube, it promises a unique blend of storytelling and artistic execution, setting the stage for the next installments due in 2024.


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