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Top Meme Coins To Watch Today Thursday, June 1 – Space Dragon, PlayDoge, MoonLana, Cheems


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Tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem and the GameFi market are experiencing a significant rise in value. This surge in price aligns with the increasing enthusiasm surrounding various meme coin presale projects. It has made investors ponder if we are on the verge of a boom for these meme tokens.

However, amid this surge, numerous new crypto projects are also capitalizing on the bullish market. These tokens are attracting investors’ attention. This article delves into the remarkable presale achievement of PlayDoge while also providing an analysis of three meme tokens currently gaining traction.

Top Meme Coins to Watch Today

Today, MoonLana, Space Dragon, Cheems, and a handful of meme coins set the pace for the market this week with remarkable price actions. Several upcoming projects, including meme tokens, are also making notable progress as the market rides on the Ether ETF approval wave.

Meanwhile, PlayDoge’s timing gives investors a chance to participate in a potential meme coin rally. It particularly favours investors who missed out on earlier meme coin booms. Early investors can join a wagon that may see the token push to a nearly 500% uptick. 

1. PlayDoge (PLAY)

In just a few days after its launch, PlayDoge raised over $874K in its ongoing presale. Following the path of Dogecoin, the $PLAY meme coin is a unique project based on the Shiba Inu dog breed. However, the token differentiates itself from the popular meme coin.

Furthermore, PlayDoge is an innovative mobile-based Play-to-Earn game. However, the project finds a way to adapt and make the DOGE meme more interactive. It transforms the Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet, enabling players to earn $PLAY tokens while playing.

Moreover, the project’s P2E strategy enables players to earn rewards. They are incentivized to take care of pets and take them on adventurous quests. The team has also announced that they will continue to build more projects to expand the token’s utility. 

However, unlike the Dogecoin meme coin, DogePlay operates on the BNB Chain. The team strategically built PlaDoge on the BNB Chain to ensure that transactions carried out on the platforms are fast and efficient. It also seamlessly enables the project to integrate its gaming activities into multiple platforms.

Aside from getting rewarded through P2E, token holders can also earn passively by staking their tokens. PlayDoge offers a huge 412% annual percentage yield.  Investors can buy $PLAY tokens at $0.00501 today. Also, this price is set to increase in about four days.

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2. Space Dragon (SPACEDRAGON)

Space Dragon is an innovative project built on the BSC network. With a long-term vision to dominate the metaverse ecosystem, Space Dragon plans to acquire land in various ecosystems. The project aims to develop unique experiences. 

Furthermore, the token seeks to generate user revenue by advertising on these lands. It addresses a common challenge in cryptocurrency projects. This challenge stems from fluctuation in trading volume, which affects marketing and development efforts. 

The Space Dragon Swap, a key feature, ensures secure, easy-to-use, and low-fee token exchanges. These features integrate with multi-chain stakeholding pools so investors can stake tokens and earn rewards. The project strategically hedges a part of its marketing wallet into Yield-bearing assets. 

These assets generate additional income for sustained development and marketing initiatives. They also offer potential future rewards for holders through Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has also integrated DAO, staking, and farming features into its ecosystem. 

The token is in several partnerships in the metaverse and gaming industries. It seeks to become the leading meme coin in those categories. In its latest partnership, it collaborated with a prominent NFT platform. This collaboration aims to facilitate the development of Space Dragon’s newly released NFTs. 

Interestingly, the token has responded positively to these partnerships and new use cases through its recent price rally. It has displayed a 1.86% price increase in the last 24 hours at $0.000000009825. It has also posted 15 green days in the last 30 days. 

3. Cheems (CHEEMS)

CHEEMS, a community-driven cryptocurrency operating on the Solana ecosystem, positions itself as a charitable-based cryptocurrency. It harnesses the crypto world’s influence to support various philanthropic causes. The team aims to provide a medium for the global community to shop, game, and interact on Web3.

One of Cheems’ intriguing features is the Cheems Arena, a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Card Game with a trading strategy. Unlike conventional trading card games, players engage in 1v1 battles against each other. The Arena provides users/players with the opportunity to own tangible and tradable in-game assets.

Cheems price chart

The project’s Cheemsverse platform serves as a dynamic ecosystem where users can engage in gaming, collect NFTs, and acquire Chemm tokens. Additionally, the platform incorporates DAO operations, enabling users to participate in voting on significant community decisions.

Recently, the token drew the interest of Elon Musk, who tweeted about it. This tweet resulted in a subsequent surge in the token price by about 90%. With CHEEMS tokens being tradable on decentralized exchanges like Raydium, Orca, and Jupiter, accessibility to the token is widespread.

In its latest announcement, the team unveiled a partnership that created a new game called SexonSol Roulette. This thrilling game allows users to win by predicting where the spinning ball will land. The sex.sol game was remarkable, with wagers exceeding $25,000 in under a week.

CHEEMS has witnessed a remarkable price increase of 5.40% in the last 24 hours. This surge outperforms the global cryptocurrency market and similar Solana Ecosystem cryptocurrencies. It has had a perfect 30 green days in the previous 30 days.

4. MoonLana (MOLA)

MOLA positions itself as a community-based Solana token. Moonlana focuses on the Solana ecosystem, providing various innovative features to enrich user experiences and bolster value for its community. The token operates its decentralized exchange (DEX), where all generated fees are used to buy back the token and burn it.

Moonlana revolves around LanaDex, a decentralized exchange (DEX) constructed on the Serum API. LanaDex facilitates smooth trading with its charts, branding, and purchasable NFTs. Its unique fee structure distinguishes it, where trading fees on LanaDex are utilized to repurchase the project’s token, $MOLA, and burn it. This deflationary approach can bolster the token’s value over time.

In addition to LanaDex, Moonlana is developing LanaTools, a charting platform tailored for Solana tokens. This platform will offer advanced functionalities such as price alerts, pool exploration, liquidity monitoring, and insights into token holders. Moreover, Moonlana introduces Lanamon, an on-chain tipping bot catering to the Solana ecosystem. Through Lanamon, users can effortlessly tip and distribute tokens, fostering engagement and interaction within the community.

MoonLana price chart

In a significant development, Zebec and MoonLana have formalized their partnership. With Zebec’s Multisig Safe integration, MoonLana’s $MOLA will be securely held in a multisig treasury. Additionally, MoonLana has forged a strategic collaboration with Vyper, a prominent exchange platform. This alliance ensures the availability of $MOLA on Vyper, enhancing the token’s exposure and accessibility.

Furthermore, the token has decreased by 3% in the last 24 hours. While this looks bad, it could break above this price level considering its recent activities and the frenzy from the recent bitcoin halving. The coin is up 70.54% on a YTY basis and 10% in the previous thirty days at $0.00005906.

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