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The Classic 8-Ball Game Gets an NFT Twist in Eyeball Pool

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With Eyeball Pool, a game that allows players to own and trade distinctive digital assets, the popular casual gaming genre of digital pool games will soon make the transition into the NFT realm.

The future iOS and Android game, developed by startup Eyeball Games, will be based on the Polygon zkEVM tech stack and run on Immutable zkEVM, the gaming-focused Ethereum scaling network created by Immutable Games in collaboration with Polygon. Q1 2024 will see the release of the game after the present beta testing phase.

Even though Eyeball Pool is a brand-new game, it is being created with assistance from two seasoned pool game creators, Karsten Niemeier and Thomas Elgaard, who worked on the first iteration of 8 Ball Pool for mobile publisher Miniclip. According to a 2022 announcement from Miniclip, that enduring iOS and Android hit has been downloaded more than 1 billion times overall.

Eyeball Pool’s early screenshots resemble 8 Ball Pool in appearance and feel, but the Web3 twist means that players will be able to possess and trade special pool cues in the game and possibly gain an advantage from an in-game token.

These Balldroid NFTs, as well as another series that will debut on the Immutable X Ethereum scaling network, will provide gamers with in-game advantages including exclusive goodies and awards. These NFT owners can also access a version of the game without advertisements.

As the complete launch of the game approaches in early 2024, Ivarsson acknowledged Immutable’s emphasis on gaming as a major factor in his decision to construct Eyeball Pool on Immutable zkEVM.

He said “We believe there’s power in collaborating with a specialized chain [vs] one that attempts to fit all use cases. As a result, we will be able to contact more people and launch our product more quickly.

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