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The $63 Million Exploit of Munchables on Blast: A Deep Dive into NFT Gaming’s Security Crisis | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


A Hefty Theft Unveiled

In an alarming development in the NFT gaming world, Munchables, an NFT-based game operating on the Ethereum layer-2 solution Blast, has fallen victim to a colossal $63 million exploit. This incident, which transpired on March 26, 2023, has sent shockwaves throughout the blockchain community, highlighting significant vulnerabilities in the security of decentralized applications.

The Exploit Mechanics

Munchables’ breach was executed with precision, draining the protocol of 17,413 ETH (Ethereum), equivalent to approximately $62 million. The attacker, using sophisticated methods, manipulated the game’s smart contract system to assign a fraudulent balance of one million Ether to themselves before executing a withdrawal. This maneuver was facilitated by altering the contract’s implementation to a facade of legitimacy, enabling the withdrawal of the inflated balance post the accumulation of substantial Total Value Locked (TVL) within the platform.

The Allegations and Aftermath

Speculation is rife that the exploit’s success was due to the involvement of a North Korean developer, known by the alias “Werewolves0943,” who was allegedly part of the Munchables development team. The community and blockchain analysts, including ZachXBT, have been actively monitoring the exploiter’s wallet activities, with suggestions of a planned attack from the project’s inception gaining ground.

The Community’s Call to Action

The incident has sparked a debate within the blockchain community regarding the response to such exploits. Some users advocate for the Blast team to perform a chain rollback to negate the effects of the exploit, despite the potential backlash against such centralized interventions in a fundamentally decentralized ecosystem.

Munchables: More Than Just a Game

Munchables isn’t just any game; it represents a sophisticated blend of gaming and finance, allowing players to stake cryptocurrency in exchange for in-game advantages. This exploit, however, has cast a shadow over the security and reliability of GameFi applications and has raised questions about the measures needed to safeguard participants in the NFT space.


Munchables, an NFT game on the Ethereum layer-2 platform Blast, was exploited for $63 million in ETH. The attack, believed to be premeditated, involved contract manipulation by an alleged North Korean developer. The blockchain community is now wrestling with the implications of this security breach and debating potential remedies, including a controversial rollback of the blockchain.



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