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Square Enix Adds NFTs Into Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider


Japanese video gaming publisher Square Enix has deepened its stance in the non-fungible realm through a recently disclosed plan. According to the company’s latest financial report, NFTs will be integrated into Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, two popular games published by Square Enix.

The announcement is accompanied by a partnership with Double Jump Tokyo, a Japanese startup developing blockchain games. Square Enix’s collaboration with the blockchain gaming developer demonstrates its mission to blur the boundaries between traditional gaming and blockchain. Millions of gamers playing both games from Square Enix will benefit from the upcoming NFT rewards to be incorporated into the gameplay dynamics.

Notably, this is not the video gaming platform’s first dive into NFTs. Between November 27th, 2023 and December 2nd, 2023, Square Enix debuted a wave of NFT auction ahead of its Web3 game launch.

Dubbed Symbiogenesis, the web-based game deployed on December 21st became the first NFT-compatible game from the Japanese gaming publisher. It is compatible with the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks. The game fosters community interaction via a dedicated Discord channel. Players can also speculate on the game’s story through the channel.

Square Enix is not the only video gaming platform that has expanded its terrain into the non-fungible waters. Other popular gaming creators like Ubisoft, Sega, Bandai Namco, and others have made a similar move. For example, Ubisoft partnered with Web3 gaming platform Immutable months ago to plunge deeper into blockchain gaming. According to an earlier report, Bandai Namco forged a collaboration with the game-focused network Oasys to co-develop a game called RYUZO, commencing the game publisher’s journey with blockchain technology.

With the latest announcement from Square Enix, the video gaming giant doubles down on its confidence in NFTs and its underlying cutting-edge technology. Time will tell if the company will incorporate the NFT capability into other games within its ecosystem.


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