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Shrapnel Announces STX3.1 Playtest with $100,000 Prize Pool


What is Shrapnel?

Shrapnel is an extraction shooter built on the Avalanche blockchain.

Following the recent launch of its NFT marketplace, which introduced new weapon skins, the STX3.1 playtest will include several new features.

One key feature is the ability to craft weapon skins, where players can collect various fragments during gameplay and combine three fragments of the same rarity to create custom skins. These fragments can also be traded on the in-game marketplace.

How to participate in Shrapnel’s STX3.1 Playtest?

To join the STX3.1 playtest, players need to own or purchase an Extraction Pack before the event starts.

Players will earn rewards by completing specific in-game objectives such as reaching a certain number of kills, extracting fragments, and crafting items.

The six new missions include the following:

  1. Achieve 3 kills using the Sigma Wave.
  2. Extract 5 Weapon Skin Fragments.
  3. Extract from The Zone 7 times.
  4. Craft one Weapon Skin using Fragments.
  5. Secure 12 kills with any Suppressed Weapons.
  6. Extract 4,000 Sigma.

Three of these missions will award $SHRAP tokens directly. Additionally, half of the $SHRAP prize pool will be given as bonus rewards to Operator holders who complete all in-game missions.

For more updates about the event, head over to the official website and follow Shrapnel on X.

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