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New VR Crypto Presale Now Raises Nearly $3 Million – Oscar Ramos Video Review


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In his latest update, Oscar Ramos talks about an exciting new project that has come across his desk: 5th Scape.

As he enthusiastically discusses the project, it becomes clear that 5th Scape is deeply connected to cutting-edge technology, focusing on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – areas currently seeing a lot of innovation, especially with Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro technologies.

Oscar Ramos quickly delves into the details, highlighting the project’s background and the team behind it. He stresses the importance of transparency, noting that team members have LinkedIn profiles and are verified on Twitter, which gives potential investors like himself important information.

5th Scape raises nearly $3 million

Experience unparalleled gaming adventures with 5th Scape, a fresh VR crypto currently in its presale phase. Early investors receive complimentary lifetime access to the platform, enhancing the token’s value and driving up demand during the presale.

The project’s presale has already reached the $2.8 million milestone, showcasing strong interest from investors. Additionally, renowned market analysts are bullish on the project, fueling speculation of potential 100x returns within enthusiast circles.

The initial listing price for the $5SCAPE token is set at $0.01, providing presale participants with a substantial discount – tokens are currently priced at $0.00248 during this stage. If you’re eager to invest, learn how to buy 5SCAPE here.

The presale, hosted on the project’s website 5thscape.com, is open to the public and consists of twelve planned phases, aiming to reach a total fundraising goal of $15 million, with each phase targeting $1.25 million.

However, the next phase and price adjustment will take place in three days. Therefore, it’s essential to act swiftly. Stay updated on the latest developments by following 5th Scape on X or joining its Telegram group. Alternatively, visit the website to purchase tokens.

5th Scape – Bringing gaming to life

5th Scape revolves around AR and VR, aiming to build the “world’s first AR & VR ecosystem connecting the brightest minds.” The team has a detailed plan for the project’s development, covering VR games, hardware, and animations.

Ensuring compatibility with existing headsets and devices is vital for 5th Scape to make significant strides in the industry. To achieve this, the team is dedicated to creating multiple VR games that can be played on popular headsets like Oculus Rift and Meta Quest 3.

There are also initial plans to design an in-house VR headset and AR gaming chair once the project establishes itself in the industry. In terms of specific VR game development, the team has announced several titles in progress: Cage Conquest, Epic Cricket Arena, Immersive Kickoff, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter.

Cage Conquest, which focuses on combat sports, is particularly noteworthy as the first release, with a tentative launch planned for the second quarter of 2024.

As the project moves into the presale phase, it appears to embody the traits of a promising endeavor. For more details about the project, interested individuals can visit the website, which offers a wealth of informative content.

5th Scape staking and tokenomics

Staking plays a crucial role in the utility of $5SCAPE’s token. However, unlike typical staking methods, 5th Scape’s staking doesn’t just focus on making money. Instead, it offers stakers unparalleled access to a range of cutting-edge VR benefits.

This includes lifetime free access to the platform and a variety of exclusive 5th Scape VR content. Stakers also enjoy special in-game perks, early access, and opportunities for community engagement. Naturally, the potential for investment growth is also a draw for stakers.

Beyond staking, the $5SCAPE token serves to transfer value across the ecosystem, which adds to its potential demand. As per the website, 80% of $5SCAPE tokens are allocated for the presale, 10% for treasury and development, and 10% for exchange liquidity.

During the presale, when you buy tokens, they’re subject to a schedule for locking and vesting. Initially, 40% of the tokens you get are unlocked at the 5SCAPE token generation event, while the rest stay locked for 8 weeks. Staking rewards for presale tokens will start vesting after 8 months.

If you’re interested in exploring the future of $5SCAPE, you can check out our $5SCAPE price prediction.

Some analysts show bullish sentiment about 5th Scape

Backing from the investment community is matched by strong support from prominent analysts, setting a positive tone for 5th Scape’s future.

Well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast Michael Wrubel recently shared a video outlining several reasons for his optimism about 5th Scape. With over 300K subscribers on YouTube, Wrubel’s endorsement exposes 5th Scape to a wide audience, enhancing its visibility.

Additionally, Decrypt Crypto suggested that the project could become the “next 100x potential” cryptocurrency. This support adds to the excitement, while major media outlets further contribute to the optimistic outlook.

Leading websites such as CryptoPotato, Yahoo Finance, Bitcoinist, and Analytics Insight have all highlighted the project. This attention not only underscores 5th Scape’s immense potential but also fuels momentum for the presale. As a result, those looking to buy at the lowest price need to act quickly.

To participate in the $5SCAPE token presale, visit 5thscape.


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