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MultiversX and Cornell launch sponsored blockchain education program


Distributed blockchain network MultiversX recently announced the launch of a sponsored blockchain education initiative in partnership with Cornell university’s eCornell.

Called the Blockchain Essentials Program, the new initiative will offer 100 underserved college students the opportunity to participate in a two-month learning experience which, upon successful completion, will award a certificate.

Source: MultiversX.

Per a press release from MultiversX, the program is sponsored so students will accrue no fees for their participation. A website for the initiative indicates that the normal cost of the course is $3,750.

Blockchain essentials

The program will be online and offered via private cohorts — which typically means small, instructor-led groups — to ensure “personalized attention and a supportive learning environment.”

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the program, according to the press release, is the promise that, upon completion of the program, “students will have the opportunity to receive mentorship, support, and funding from MultiversX to develop blockchain projects that can benefit their communities.”

The program is slated to begin on July 17, 2024, and applications are currently open until June 23, 2024. Applicants must be current college students. Other requirements include English language proficiency and that applicants are “economically disadvantaged.” Only 100 applicants will be accepted to the program.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX, said in a statement:

“Blockchain is an open book for anyone willing to read it. We’re still at the beginning of this story, so there’s plenty of room for anyone with innovative ideas that they want to bring to fruition. MultiversX’s collaboration with eCornell highlights our commitment to making our technology accessible to different communities all over the world, and it’s just one of the ways we’re streamlining the onboarding of builders to Web3 and to our ecosystem.”


In related news, MultiversX recently introduced “Sovereign Chains,” a multi-chain, modular, integrated stack for blockchain development.

As Cointelegraph reported, Sovereign Chains can potentially enhance the transaction throughput of existing layer-2 blockchain networks by increasing transactions per second (TPS) and smart contract TPS by up to 100 times.

In its first demonstration, Sovereign Chains reached a throughput of 77,000 TPS. MultiversX is working to get that number up to 100,000.

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