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Maximize business outcomes on IBM Cloud with Concierge Platinum Services


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we see that businesses are increasingly migrating to cloud services to enhance their operations, boost productivity and foster innovation. However, the process of transitioning clients to the cloud can often be intricate and time-intensive. To tackle this challenge head-on, IBM® offers clients access to a specialized Concierge Platinum Team, which is equipped with top-tier skills and expertise, to help expedite the cloud onboarding process and provide a smooth transition to Day Two Operations.

What do we do?

Provide expertise and knowledge  
Deep delivery excellence addresses onboarding risk   Experienced/skilled architects, developers and program managers with cross-platform expertise in production environments  
Efficient onboarding  
Automate processes to address disruptions to mitigate risks   Apply Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices designed to analyze and improve performance, high availability and enhanced scalability  
Executive sponsorship   Interlock with CIO office, Offering Management, Dev, Tech Sales and Support to address evolving portfolio requirements  
Enhance security
Identify and address potential security vulnerabilities for a strong security posture   Leverage standard deployable architectures and best practices
Program management  
Partner with IBM Cloud Offering Management and Product Development to tackle our clients onboarding challenges   Provide client insights specific to their cloud environment
Transition to Day Two Operations
Adopt operational best practices designed to improve client engagement and build trust   Address downtime issues, improve user experience and maintain business continuity

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The dedicated Concierge Platinum Team that is provided by IBM is not only instrumental during the onboarding phase but also crucial for an efficient transition to Day Two Operations. Clients benefit from a dedicated Cloud Deployment Leader, a solution architect and a team of technical cloud professionals who guide them through the journey to establish a robust framework on IBM Cloud. The journey begins with an understanding of the client’s current infrastructure, applications and data to determine the feasibility and requirements for migrating to the cloud. After the migration is complete, a review of the testing and validation phase is needed to verify that the workload meets a client’s required standards and performance metrics.

By extending Concierge Platinum support beyond onboarding, businesses will have platinum level assistance to effectively manage Day Two Operations in the cloud. This includes tasks such as monitoring performance, overseeing security, health-check validation, implementing updates and patches and scaling resources as needed to meet changing demands. By following these stages in the client’s journey to onboard complex workloads to the cloud, businesses can experience a successful and efficient migration process that is designed to maximize the benefits of cloud technology and address disruptions and risks.

In summary, expediting client onboarding to the cloud necessitates a strategic approach that capitalizes on IBM’s dedicated Concierge Platinum Team, consisting of skilled professionals, and the value proposition of cloud services. By implementing strong Day Two operational support, monitoring mechanisms and optimization strategies, IBM’s clients can fully leverage cloud services beyond the initial onboarding phase. This enables clients to help accelerate their time to value and transition to Day Two services for a seamless experience.

Learn more about IBM Concierge Platinum

To learn more about the IBM Concierge Platinum Program, contact Bill Singleton (Vice President, Cloud Deployment & Onboarding), Paula Duggan (Client Partnership Executive, IBM Cloud Concierge Platinum Program) and Bryan Daniel (Cloud Solutions Architect, IBM Cloud Concierge Platinum Program).

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