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Helping enterprises across regulated industries leverage hybrid cloud and AI


At IBM Cloud, we are committed to helping enterprises across industries leverage hybrid cloud and AI technologies to help them drive innovation. For true transformation to begin, we believe it is key to understand the unique challenges organizations are facing—whether it is keeping data secured, addressing data sovereignty requirements or speeding time to market to satisfy consumers. For those in even the most highly regulated industries, we have seen these challenges continue to grow as they navigate changing regulations.

We designed our enterprise cloud platform for even the most highly regulated industries with the unique needs of these heavily regulated sectors, such as financial services, government, healthcare and telco, in mind. We first introduced our industry-specific enterprise cloud in collaboration with key partners–including BNP Paribas and CaixaBank–to help clients as they work to address various risks, navigate regulations, demonstrate their compliance and accelerate cloud adoption.

Today, our enterprise-grade platform is optimized to help clients manage mission-critical workloads while addressing resiliency, performance, security, compliance and total cost of ownership. We strive to meet the needs of our clients who want to be agile, ramp up quickly, pay as they go and who want to ensure they keep the confidence of their clients. The security of our client’s data is at the heart of everything we do.

Telco leverages hybrid cloud to deliver enhanced customer interactions

Masorange is a mobile network operator that puts customer experience at the center of everything it does. To provide additional support for today’s digital-first consumers, Masorange leverages the combination of a digital assistant and human interaction to help customers quickly. Supported by AI and cloud technology, their Orange and Jazztel virtual assistants use IBM watsonx Assistant and IBM Watson Discovery running on IBM Cloud.

The support service carries out approximately one million conversations per month—helping clients who prefer using digital channels to get quick service. Masorange puts “excellence in service” at the forefront of its mission and by leveraging the flexibility, scalability and security of IBM Cloud, they are able to meet the needs of their customers and deliver seamless interactions nearly on-demand.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do it without services like the ones IBM Cloud provides, running and managing data with security and consistency.” – Tomas Alberola, Virtual Agents Manager, Masorange.

Digitizing clinical processes and enhancing patient experiences in healthcare

University Medical Center Mainz, which provides care to more than 350,000 patients per year, is leveraging IBM’s distributed cloud capabilities to digitize its clinical processes. With an intentional hybrid-by-design approach that aims to streamline its management processes, the medical center has worked with IBM to build several solutions. These solutions include ones that are designed to help facilitate their secured exchange of healthcare data.

By leveraging IBM’s hybrid cloud capabilities and deep industry expertise via IBM Consulting, the medical center developed a messenger system designed to enable doctors, nursing staff and administration to communicate via computer or mobile devices in a secured and effective manner. It is also using IBM technology including IBM Watson Assistant for virtual agent capabilities that can help them deliver better patient experiences through conversational artificial intelligence.

As the University Medical Center Mainz furthers its mission to help patients on their healthcare journeys, keeping patient data secured and private is top priority. A hybrid cloud approach with IBM is designed to:

  • Enable the medical center to access cloud services securely and efficiently.
  • Help them as they demonstrate their compliance with data protection requirements.
  • Enable data sovereignty.

Helping to deliver faster experiences and keep data secured within the public sector

While many may not immediately associate the public sector with customer experience, government agencies aim to serve citizens who can be viewed as their customers. Citizens may interact with government agencies in a number of ways, from renewing a driver’s license to filing taxes, but there is one constant throughout these processes: They are looking for a quick and seamless experience. This experience is critical to make sure they can accomplish what they need to quickly.  

A scalable cloud infrastructure for public sector agencies can help speed up delivery, allowing them to build and roll out new services to citizens. With the flexibility of cloud, these agencies can also run tests to see what services are working, allowing them to get feedback from citizens and then incorporate the feedback into what they are doing. In highly regulated industries such as the public sector, it is also important to keep citizen’s sensitive data secured.

By leveraging innovative security capabilities, such as confidential computing and keep your own key encryption, public sector agencies can work to protect this information. From helping federal agencies deliver services to citizens in an efficient way to enabling government departments to facilitate secured transfer of data, an industry-specific cloud platform designed with security and built-in controls can help.

As organizations in highly regulated industries strive to innovate while navigating their security and compliance requirements, hybrid cloud and AI can help them achieve this balance.

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