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Drops Are Dead, Long Live Exhibitions


MakersPlace is delighted to announce a significant update to our homepage, tailored to enhance your experience and interaction with the platform. As part of our commitment to constantly improve and innovate, the new homepage introduces several functional upgrades and aesthetic enhancements designed to mirror the sophisticated environment of a premium art gallery.


As part of MakersPlace’s effort, on behalf of both artists and collectors, to create a bridge and even dissolve the distinctions between “the traditional art world” and “the web3 art world,” we have decided to phase out terminology that is unique to the digital art space. 

On January 22, 2019, MakersPlace launched its first Drop with the artists ROBNESS (then known as Robness Cyberpop), Brad Damico, and Anco Verrascina. We were the first to use this music industry term in the NFT space, and it has since become the common term for a major art release.

We have decided to discontinue this term in favor of the default art world term Exhibition, which can broadly be applied to a series of artworks by a single artist or a group show. 

Similarly the term 1/1 or one of one is being replaced by the more art world legible term Unique. A unique work of art is one that is solely crafted by the artist’s own hands, bears their signature, and truly exists as the only one of its kind.

Finally, Open Edition is now a Timed Edition. A timed edition is a collection of identical artworks that can only be bought during a designated period. After this period ends, no further reproductions are made, creating a sense of rarity and immediacy for the collection.

This change is more than just a shift in vocabulary; it’s a step toward a broader acceptance and integration of digital art into the art world.


The redesigned homepage places Exhibitions at the forefront, allowing easy navigation and preview of artworks through an intuitive hover feature. This section prominently displays both live and upcoming exhibitions, ensuring visitors are well-informed of current and future art showcases.

You can now subscribe on the homepage to receive SMS updates when a drop goes live, and if auctions are ending. This feature allows visitors to sign up effortlessly and stay updated on upcoming exhibitions, ensuring art lovers and collectors don’t miss out on exciting new pieces.

An upgraded Artist Spotlight module has been added to feature top emerging talents on MakersPlace. This module now includes enhanced artist metrics and improved accessibility, making it easier for visitors to discover and engage with new artists.

In addition, our homepage now boasts a new editorial module that aims to enrich the visitor experience through engaging storytelling, including art genre guides, artist interviews, and more. This addition is designed to provide deeper insights into the artworks and the artists behind them.

Performance has also been a major focus in this update. We have improved the load times of our homepage, ensuring a quicker and more responsive user experience that meets the expectations of our community.

These updates are part of our ongoing effort to enhance user engagement and satisfaction, making MakersPlace not just a marketplace but a vibrant hub for digital art enthusiasts. We invite you to visit and explore the new features on our homepage, where the world of digital art comes alive.

Interested in the ongoing evolution of MakersPlace? Read our Guiding Principles Statement, which outlines our ambition to be the bridge between on-chain and off-chain art worlds. 

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