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Blockstream's Rusty Russell Wants To Revamp Bitcoin Script


Rusty Russell, lead Lightning developer for Blockstream, is spearheading an ambitious initiative known as the Bitcoin script restoration project. This effort aims to restore and expand the functionality of Bitcoin’s script language, which was significantly limited in the early days of Bitcoin due to security concerns. In a recent interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Russell elaborated on the project’s goals and the potential it holds for the future of Bitcoin.

Rusty Russell and the Great Bitcoin Script Restoration Project (22:45)

A Look Back: Why OpCodes Were Disabled

When Bitcoin was first launched, its script language included a variety of operational codes (opcodes) that enabled complex programmable functions. However, many of these opcodes were disabled in 2010 due to severe security vulnerabilities. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, made this decision to protect the network from potential denial-of-service attacks. This was a necessary move at the time, but it left Bitcoin’s script language much less capable than initially intended.

Rusty Russell recalls, “The house is burning down, you put the fire out, but then you rebuilt, right? And we never got that second stage.”

The Restoration Project: Bringing Back the Power

The Bitcoin script restoration project seeks to re-enable these disabled opcodes with proper safeguards in place. The goal is to bring back the powerful features of Bitcoin’s script language while ensuring the network remains secure. Here’s what the project aims to achieve:

  1. Handling Arbitrary Numbers: Restoring the ability to work with arbitrary numbers will allow more complex transactions and conditions, making Bitcoin more versatile.
  2. Enabling Introspection: This means giving scripts the ability to examine and verify transaction details directly, which can enhance security and functionality.
  3. Improving Self-Sovereignty and Privacy: By expanding the script language, users will have more control over their transactions and enhanced privacy features.

In the interview, Russell highlighted the importance of these features, saying, “We want that, right? We literally lost the ability to multiply or divide. I think there is, among people who are developing on top of Bitcoin, there’s an amazing hunger for this. They’re like, yes, can we have it all back?”

Why This Matters

Re-enabling these opcodes isn’t just about restoring lost functionality; it’s about unlocking new possibilities for Bitcoin. With a more powerful script language, developers can create innovative applications directly on the Bitcoin network. This can lead to more advanced financial products, enhanced privacy tools, and much more.

Rusty Russell expressed his optimism during the interview, “My whole life has been building stuff for other developers to do things on. So I have a huge amount of faith in open ecosystems and their ability to innovate. And the things that will get built on top of a solid base are amazing.”

Ensuring Security

One of the primary concerns in this restoration project is maintaining the security of the Bitcoin network. The project aims to introduce these powerful features with limits that prevent potential abuse. This ensures that while Bitcoin becomes more capable, it doesn’t become vulnerable to the same issues that caused these features to be disabled in the first place.

Looking Forward

The Bitcoin script restoration project is a crucial step toward realizing the full potential of Bitcoin as a programmable money system. By addressing past security concerns and reintroducing powerful features with appropriate limits, the project aims to create a scalable, secure, and innovative ecosystem for Bitcoin.

As Rusty Russell put it in his interview, “Let’s restore script to what it was supposed to be originally. And we think we have a way of doing that that’s clean and neat and safe.”

This project not only looks to the past to recover lost functionalities but also paves the way for future innovations, ensuring Bitcoin continues to evolve and meet the needs of its users.


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