Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Biggie Image ‘KONY’ NFT Goes for $93K

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An iconic photograph of the hip-hop legend Biggie is up for auction in the NFT world. Further bringing the icon back to life is a physical copy of the awe-inspiring ‘The King of New York’ (KONY) image, linking to the Ethereum asset itself. 

Captured by the renowned photographer Barron Claiborne in 1997, the KONY photograph remains just as popular today. Claiborne took the snapshot just three days before The Notorious B.I.G.’s tragic death, shockingly caused by a drive-by shooting attack. Consequently, the snapshot showcasing Biggie proudly adorning a tilted crown is recognized as a symbol of hip-hop excellence. 

A Digital Art Auction that Accompanies Twists

The Biggie KONY NFT auction is currently taking place on the Kairos platform, starting at a mighty $93,500 (50 ETH). Considering that the original physical crown image sold for nearly $595,000 at Sotheby’s in 2020, it’s evident that the masterpiece holds its value. Biggie fans have 29 days to bid for this historical image in both tangible and virtual forms. 

What’s more, nine additional collectibles from the KONY series will be available for $1,865 (1 ETH), with 35% of proceeds being donated to the Keiyo Art Association. An open edition drop for $55 (0.03 ETH) per piece will also accompany this offer, before Claiborne sells another 100 digital photo versions paired with a physical print for 1 ETH starting from July 26.

Biggie’s digital legacy doesn’t end there — yet another public sale will kickstart in August, coupled with Notorious B.I.G. New York City MetroCards presenting the influencer’s distinctive (and highly desirable) autograph. 

By providing hip-hop enthusiasts the chance to own more than one Biggie KONY NFT in numerous ways, Claiborne is bringing the lyrical genius back into the limelight, preserving his talents in this digital age, whereby blockchain-based artifacts continue to amass popularity. 

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