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Best Free AI Image Generator for 2024


The thought of creating images from text prompts is something that would have seemed obsolete a few years ago. However, the AI revolution changed everything, and the rising interest in the use of AI tools has led to development of numerous platforms that can generate new images. You must have heard about the best AI image generator apps such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion and their features.

On the other hand, everyone cannot afford the cost of using Midjourney as a beginner or the technical complexities of using Stable Diffusion. Therefore, it is important to look for user-friendly platforms that offer artificial intelligence art generation capabilities without a price. You can find different types of AI image generator apps with a free trial or a monthly fee that can fit within anyone’s budget. Let us find out some of the most popular free AI image generators you should try in 2024.

What are the Top Free AI Image Generators in 2024?

2023 witnessed the rise of generative AI, and new apps made their entry into the market with some out-of-the-box features. However, even the advanced tool to generate AI images was not able to come up with creative answers to the prompts by users. On the other hand, the advancements in AI image generators have led to the introduction of innovative features that can help you create realistic and unique images. Interestingly, the free versions of AI image generators can help you learn about their different features and the best ways to use them. Here is an outline of the different free tools that can help you generate high-quality images from text.


Ideogram is the most popular AI image generator that you can use for free. It is not exactly the best free AI image generator with its limited feature set. However, it can follow your prompts accurately and can also add text to your new images. The simple prompt box allows you to automatically enhance your prompts to develop better images.

Most importantly, the style of images generated through the Ideogram is almost similar to that of Midjourney. You can avoid the magic prompt to get simpler images or add customized style tags according to your requirements. The AI image generator also uses generated images as a reference to create new images.

Google ImageFX

Another top AI image generator that you can try in 2024 without paying a cent is Google ImageFX. The Imagen 2 AI image generation model is the underlying force behind Google ImageFX, which you can find through Google Labs. It is one of the most popular free AI tools to generate images from text that helps you experiment with prompting.

You can enter your detailed prompts in paragraphs, and then the AI image generator can pick specific keywords. The keywords can give dropdown menus where you can find alternatives similar to the words used in the prompts. The AI image generator serves as a new approach to prompting, thereby giving you the time to learn prompting from a different perspective. 

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Microsoft Copilot Designer 

Microsoft Copilot DesignerIf you have a Microsoft account, then you can use Microsoft Copilot Designer with a free plan. The unique highlight of Microsoft’s Designer is that it is available as an integration with the Copilot chatbot. Anyone who needs answers to “How to generate an image with AI for free?” should also know that Microsoft Designer is available for free without the need to pay for Copilot Pro.

The model that defines the working of Microsoft Designer is DALL-E 3 model. One of the most promising things about Microsoft Designer is that it offers flexibility in the customization of any aspect of the image. Microsoft Designer also allows users to implement subtle changes in the chat UI and can also help change the background, visuals, or text and add filters.


Another free AI image generator that can help you familiarize yourself with the intricacies of generative AI is Leonardo. The free plan makes it the best free AI image generator, with 150 images in the free plan. Experts describe it as an effective wrapper for different Stable Diffusion models with promising improvements.

The fine-tuned versions of the models, alongside custom styles and other AI image tools, make Leonardo a top AI image generator. Most importantly, the photorealistic images match the quality standards of Midjourney and can create images in different styles. On top of that, Leonardo offers a user-friendly interface that allows for better control. Some of Leonardo’s other unique features include live image generation, image upscaling, and the ability to turn sketches into full images.

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The list of AI image generators that you can try for free in 2024 also includes Playground among the top players. It stands out as one of the top AI image generator apps with different types of features. The extensive reference library of Playground offers a lot of inspiration to users alongside creative resources required to create new and authentic images.

Users also have control over optimization of the outputs to achieve the final results with editing tools. The free Playground plan allows you to generate 500 images in a day, albeit with certain limitations.


You should also consider Artbreeder to be one of the top choices among free AI image generators. It is not only a free tool to generate AI images but also encourages image blending and creative collaboration. The unique feature of Artbreeder is the genetic algorithm-based image blending that helps users combine and manipulate images.

In addition, the AI image generator also features a massive library with user-generated content. The other notable advantages of Artbreeder include options for monetization of your images, a user-friendly interface, and community engagement. However, you would need a paid subscription to access advanced features and outputs without watermarks.


Runway is also one of the notable AI image generator tools that comes with a subscription model and a free version. Designers, artists, and anyone interested in using AI-generated images should use Runway to familiarize themselves with the way generative AI works. It is a trusted addition among free AI tools to generate images from text with access to a broad collection of pre-trained models for different creative projects.

Another unique feature of Runway is the flexibility for real-time style transfer and development of custom models. The interactive interface of Runway ensures that beginners, as well as experts, can use it effectively. Some of the notable features of Runway include the active community and a diverse model library. With the assurance of a user-friendly interface, versatility, and constant updates, Runway is definitely a favorite.


DeepAI is a trusted addition among the free AI generators that you should try in 2024. It is a web-based tool and offers a free trial version. Interestingly, the premium version works on a pay-per-use pricing model. The platform offers more than just the answers to “How to generate an image with AI for free?” with features for image enhancement, upscaling, and colorization.

On top of that, developers can rely on flexible API integration alongside different models suited for various tasks. Some of the notable advantages of DeepAI include faster and more effective image enhancement results and scalability for developers.


DreamStudio is an invaluable AI image generator that you can use for free with access to premium features. You can get 25 free credits with DreamStudio trial version and try out the different range of features with it. It is important to note that DreamStudio is one of the top AI image generator apps with the option for creating expressive images.

The best advantage of the AI image generator is the option to incorporate your creativity in the new AI-generated images. You can find a massive library of effects and filters in the AI art generator and access premium features for free. DreamStudio is an intuitive image generation tool for beginners without the features of professional image editing software.


Using an AI image generator on a budget may sound tough when you have limited time to use the free versions. Interestingly, Visme can provide a free tool to generate AI images without any time limit for using the free version. The web-based platform helps you create visually appealing infographics and presentations.

It is a useful tool for non-designers who want to create appealing visual content. You can access AI-powered design suggestions alongside different features for collaboration between teams. The advantages of Visme include a massive library of templates and images, support for designing different types of visual content, and a streamlined design process. 

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Canva is probably the most popular web-based graphic design tool that helps in creating professionally effective visual designs. You don’t need the skills of a designer to use Canva to generate new images. The different templates and tools make it a reliable choice among the top graphic design tools for creating social media posts, videos, logos, and posters. 

The interesting thing about Canva is that it offers the flexibility to install different AI image generator apps as extensions. You can leverage the apps through different extensions to enter text prompts and come up with new images by leveraging AI. You can use the newly generated images in your designs within the Canva app itself. 


Pixlr is a formidable addition among AI image generators with a free version. You can access 20 credits with the free version that allows you to generate one image for each credit. While it may not be the best free AI image generator on the market, the free online photo editor brings some unique functionalities.

The tool helps in generating images from text with different parameters according to your requirements. You can determine the aspect ratio, composition, style, color, and lighting. Pixlr generates four images for every prompt and will be published on the Pixlr website. Users can sign up for an account and get their 20 credits for free. 

Adobe Firefly 

Adobe Firefly offers free access to an AI-powered tool to generate images from text. It is one of the most popular free AI tools to generate images from text with the tools to offer prompt suggestions and deep customizations.

The training dataset of Adobe Firefly includes Adobe stock pictures, thereby ensuring that it has an ethical training set. It can create appealing images that allow you to try your creativity with artistic designs. You can also find different generative AI features such as template creation, generative fill in Photoshop, and vector generation.

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Final Words

The advantages of free AI image generators can help you overcome your apprehensions about using artificial intelligence to create images. Each addition among the top AI image generator apps offers some unique features that can help you understand their working mechanisms. In addition, you can uncover new functionalities and experiment with free versions of AI image generators to pick the best ones for your image creation projects. Learn more about the workings of AI image generators and their real-life applications right now.


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