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Base is Now Live on Rarible.com


Mint and trade Base NFTs on Rarible.com—and pay with your memecoins.

Base NFTs Now Live on Rarible.com



• Rarible.com now fully supports Base, a leading Ethereum L2 chain.

• You can now mint and trade Base NFTs on Rarible.com.

• Bridging ETH via Relay shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

• Check out the Base OE drops on Rarible.com over the next few days.

What starts with B? Blue? Brian Armstrong? Bald..?

Yes, but also Base—the leading L2 that has taken the whole Crypto Twitter by storm. Initially launched by the Coinbase team in August 2023, the second layer chain has been dominant since the recent Dencun upgrade, which made transaction fees on L2s actually low.

These days, we’re seeing a lot of culturally important events happen on Base—the recent XCOPY and Jack Butcher drops are among some of the standouts—and, ah yes, the memecoins.

Which is why we’re so excited to share that Base—and all the NFTs there— are now fully supported on Rarible.com.

Now, first things first.

How to become Based

Do you have ETH on any chain? Of course you do, you little degen. Go to Relay bridge via this link. Select the chain where you have your ETH. Enter ETH amount, press ‘bridge’. Wait up to 15 seconds. 

That’s it. You’re ready to do stuff on Base. In other words, you’re now officially based. 

Now, ‘what do I do?’ you ask.

Simple. Go to Rarible.com. Connect your wallet. Start trading NFTs. There is, of course, the Rarible OE drop series, but also all the wonderful NFTs the secondary market can offer.

Base NFTs 101

Here’s a little memo for you (we don’t endorse ANY of the projects below. Always DYOR before buying any NFTs):

Based Fellas is (seemingly) the first 10k PFP on Base. Why seemingly? Because I don’t want to be chased with torches and pitchforks by some angry community who claim they were actually the first. 

Tiny Based Frogs is (seemingly, for the same reason) first on-chain collection.

Onchain Gaias is one of the most traded collections. They haven’t revealed yet, but have teased some great art. 

Primitives is a recent mint that is gaining popularity, nice pixel art.There are some collections rallied behind memecoin projects, namely NFToshis, Base Gods, Mochimons.

And, of course, check out the official Black Mirror NFTs

But wait, there’s more.

Base-blue days ahead: Upcoming drops on Rarible.com

We wouldn’t be Rarible if we didn’t bring out some great artists with some great art.

Over the next few days, we’ll debut the Base integration with a series of Open Edition drops by big artists you already know. Remember, each drop will only be available for 24 hours!

1st drop is live now: VIRTUAL COCAINE 2024 SABET

Virtual Cocaine 2024 by Sabet | Base drop on Rarible NFT marketplace

“Take a deep breath, feel the surge – Virtual Cocaine” – SABET

Drop date: March 27, 10 am ET

Price: 0.0008 ETH

Ali Sabet is an OG name in NFT art. The Iranian-American artist and designer is known for his vibrant artwork. We’re honored to have him open the Base OE series on Rarible.com.

Coming soon: Rarible x Base drops artist lineup

  • EMPRESS TRASH – Mar 28, 10am ET
  • Crixtover – Apr 1, 10am ET
  • ZafGod – Apr 2, 10am ET
  • Waxbones – Apr 3, 10am ET
  • Andrei – Apr 4, 10am ET
  • 0FISH0 – Apr 5, 10am ET
  • Stonez – Apr 8, 10am ET
  • Sean Williams – Apr 9, 10am ET

Go full degen and pay with memecoins

Now if you already had funds on Base, we know that you likely traded some of those memecoins (it’s okay, you can tell us).

If you happen to have some $TOSHI in your wallet, you can actually use it to pay for any Base NFT you see listed on the secondary market, as well as ETH of course.

More memecoins will be added soon, so make sure to follow Rarible everywhere to be the first to know.


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