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Azuki Crafts ‘AnimeChain’ – Gaming and Reward Hub on Arbitrum


Azuki Arbitrum AnimeChain
Source: X (Azuki)

Optimal Network Selection

The decision to select Arbitrum as the Ethereum scaling solution for AnimeChain was a critical one. Led by Azuki and the Weeb3 Foundation, this choice was made to ensure speed and affordability for the platform.

Arbitrum, launched in 2021 by Offchain Labs, is a standout Ethereum scaling solution. Its use of optimistic roll-up technology is a critical innovation that accelerates transactions and reduces costs.

Its top-tier Layer-2 tech manages 40,000 transactions per second, with 250-millisecond block times merging web2 speed and web3 features, ideal for anime fans seeking seamless online experiences.

As AnimeChain unfolds, it heralds a new era in the NFT scene, promising a more accessible and immersive interaction with anime culture.

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