Friday, September 29, 2023

Art Blocks to Shape Physical Expressions via Heart + Craft NFTs

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A decade ago, the creator of Art Blocks, Erick ‘Snowfro’ Calderon, began crafting 3D-printed cubes, painting them before assembling them into heart shapes to spotlight in public areas. These first-generation block creations spark a new generative art series, empowering creative minds to create Heart + Craft NFTs and sculptures through the Prohibition platform on August 24.

The ‘Heart + Craft’ NFT series feature blocky heart designs with vivid shapes and contrasting patterns in real-time through a state-of-the-art blockchain algorithm by Calderon and Prohibition’s founder, Jordan Lyall, using Art Blocks Engine technology. On offer for $18 (0.01 ETH), these non-fungible collectibles will be mintable via the Ethereum scaling platform, Arbitrum, to save gas fee costs. 

By echoing similar aesthetics of ‘Chromie Squiggle’, Calderon hopes Heart + Craft NFTs will witness a market boom like the inaugural project in 2020, which saw NFT items fetch more than $2 million apiece. 

What’s more, this project also has comparisons to his Friendship Bracelets project, co-designed with the Japan Generative Art Foundation Director, Alexis André, due to including instructions regarding tangible replicas. In this instance, each Heart + Craft collectible accompanies a manual about painting, 3D printing, and how to merge blocks to form the famed heart design. 

Underscoring Limitless Avenues in Generative Artistry 

Moving forward, Prohibition plans to offer art fanatics the chance to purchase a complete set of printed blocks, a custom-created block heart, and even special-edition collectors’ versions crafted from top-notch materials and autographed by Calderon at stores like Target or museum gift shops.

On the flip side, Calderon mainly aims for this project to alter people’s perceptions of the NFT domain positively by presenting the intrinsic worth of such digital collectibles beyond money-making and rarity. Meanwhile, bringing joy to all through color gradients.

As the convergence between digital and physical artworks evolves, Calderon’s masterpieces are a shining example of the endless prospects that await in the generative art realm. 

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