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Announcing the Devcon SEA venue!


Hello, Devcon awaiters!

We are thrilled to announce the venue where we’ll meet for Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia from November 12-15!

This year we are transforming the QSNCC – Queen Sirikit National Convention Center into a lively world that showcases our community spirit, and all of the innovation being worked on in the Ethereum ecosystem.

For easier bookmarking, find a maps link to the venue here!

Venue spotlight: QSNCC & the Devcon experience

Imagine stepping into the vast corridors of the QSNCC, a massive convention center with a very distinct charm. This November, we’ll transform these striking walls into the unique Devcon spirit, blending the venue’s strong character with our dynamic colors and structures. We are excited to infuse its modern architecture with Southeast Asia’s mystical and magical atmosphere and to unite it with Ethereum prisms and technology to paint an infinite garden. Expect the QSNCC to transform into a playful ground, where you can experience Ethereum’s ecosystem in tangible ways.

The Ethereum conference for developers and visionaries

Devcon is the conference for builders and changemakers to come together, network, and get inspired by the possibilities of Ethereum and the power of decentralization. Devcon is a celebration of Ethereum’s impact and a space to showcase what we are building. It’s the place where the next generation of builders get Ethereum-pilled and join us in building the free and decentralized future that we deserve.

Get ready for Devcon week, November 09-17

The 4-day Devcon conference in QSNCC will take place between 12-15 November, but don’t forget that we’ll have an entire Devcon week between November 09-17, with events before and after Devcon, organized by the local and global Ethereum community! And you know the crypto ecosystem moves fast, so don’t wait long to book your hotels, and to scout nearby venues for your side events!

Also, check out the beautiful surroundings of the QSNCC: the park directly next to the venue, the dining options for incredibly delicious Thai food, the water monitors (large lizards native to Southeast Asia), and other things you can explore in Bangkok. We’ll be sharing a curated City Guide soon, packed with recommendations for you to get hyped about our destination in Southeast Asia!

Save the date & stay tuned

Mark your calendars, literally! Click on “add to calendar” on devcon.org and add Devcon to your calendar.

Tickets will be available beginning in a few months, and we’ll keep you posted on other ways to get involved, including volunteer applications, programming applications, and more via our newsletter directly into your inbox, on Twitter/X, Farcaster, and Lens.

Keep building, stay inspired

Devcon team 🦄


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